Tommy Jordan

Because I have recently been granted the awesome responsibility of raising a son, I've been focusing my work on the notion of creating a new paradigm for masculinity that ennobles all humans and subjugates no one.

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Because I have recently been granted the awesome responsibility of raising a son, I've been focusing my work on the notion of creating a new paradigm for masculinity that ennobles all humans and subjugates no one.

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My solo debut record Ice Cream is out now on all platforms.

I spent 3 years making this. I started while I was living in James’s spare room, with my whole family, trying to make my life work here, find a place a live, try to make some money, try to make a better world and home for my son.

Thanks due:

To James Mey for letting my whole family live with him when it took us three months to find a place we could afford here.

To Nicole Kimberling who has always acted as my mentor but treated me like a peer, and when I talked to her about my mission,in music, helped me put it into words.

To Sinclair Hucke (who’s last day at Mallard is today, go visit her and give her a tip). She’s got a long journey and is one of the most talented, professional artist I’ve ever worked with.

To Jake Dubbel-Ewe who sat with me every night on a porch as I discovered the person I want to be. He, no questions asked, shot the first video, and I was back in business.

To Richard Sandbom, my soul brother, who helped do final mixes, I don’t have the words.

To Anya Rick, who did the first an only professional photo shoot, I’ve ever done, your looking at her work now.

To Dawn, who made me into a symbol.

To Mary Richards who made the icons of my sound.

To Sebastian Bostwick, the one true poet laureate of my city and my heart.

To Dani, my beloved, who lended her voice, advice, and time for me to make this.

To Michael Patrick Couling, who spat on this record, and always believed in me, even at my worst.

To Chris Willis, the elusive and most original rapper I’ve met, I have wanted to work with him for a decade. I finally got good enough to pull that off.

To Lydia May, who twice in my life has facilitated the making of my comeback, the second time, starred in it.

To Skai Johnson, who listened to my opinions about hip hop and masculinity and co-signed them with incredible movement.

To Jessica Rose Tomlin, my best friend, and the actress who portrays Rosie. Getting the opportunity to know you has been one of the major positive parts of my life.

To Ben Scholtz, the man who made the ice cream shop, where I lived this record. A record of the events of a place and time.

To Danny, who doesn’t want to tagged but directed the two most hard hitting videos I did, if I yank on his arm enough he may have another in him.

To Tony Dutcher, my long term friend, who always collaborates with me, making everything I do better.

To Tom McKay who put heart into the baselines, and keeps the whole ice cream shop full of hope.

To Connor Aseltine, who’s re-immersion into my life has been grand, they wrote the backbone and genesis of some of the instrumentals. I love who you are and cherish what we’ve done together.

To Alysia Herr, who brought me to Bellingham, a place I now call home, and some how steered me in a direction in which I would turn out a better human, I didn’t give you much to work with, but I am proud of who I am now.

To my son Frankie who asks for Ken Mar (Kendrick Lamar) everyday and since “Kings Dead” has started looking up at trees hoping he’s there. I made this for you. You are to young to read now, but I hope someday you do read this, these are people who helped me become me, and I hope by the time you read this, the world has changed and the politics and rhetoric surrounding masculinity has as well. I don’t know that I’ve made a difference, but I am trying, and I love you. You will someday, listen back to this record, when I am gone and I hope you can hear the joy you bring me.

If you feel like boosting this signal, that’s fantastic, but more then that, I made this to be listened too, by you my friends, all of you, if you have the time.

Thank you for being in my life.

I am stronger with you.


I am that is.
From the great and true fables of mice becoming warriors, amongst all these goddamn Marlfoxes, and pearls of Lutra
From the sword of Martin, and the halloween costumes.
To the drowning, sometimes water, sometimes shame.
To the rebirth of the Queen,
To Oliver who carries his resentment and morality like a shield that will one day hold his body.
To me on the front porch terrified of the world.
To third part of the arch.
To the great escape.
To the letters you’ve sent unanswered, to every one that defines the alphabet.
To the west coast, the savior of a midwesterner.
To my son, who plasters his face against windows when he hears the elders rap.
All I want to do is, hang out with my sisters.
To ice cream, the natural resource of my community.
To hope, it has to be here somewhere, we will keep looking.
To Paper chess pieces, to made up rules.
To the last bastion of smoking indoors.
To a goddamn mess.
Clean up again.
I hold my memories, like we hold our loved ones,
Knowing the moment the embrace ends,
They will become so much more, then we knew them as.
I repurpose myself, I draw letters on pages like strings drawn by bows.
I found my lost pieces, now what should I do with those?


From the upcoming album “Ice Cream” a celebration of struggle.


Written and produced by Tommy Jordan

Concept Beat by Sloanzy (Connor Aseltine)

Additional vocals and instrumentation by Four Leaf.

Featuring the poem "Transition" by S.C. Bostwick

Mastered by Patrick Gaye at Sleng Teng Recordings

Shot by Just Makes Sense

Edited by Tommy Jordan

Additional footage from previous Tommy Jordan and Urban Fantasy Productions.



A Review of Tommy Jordans new video by Raven Terrapin


Shit makes the flowers grow. Its only out of the pain of your own failures that fleeting moments of beauty are possible.

Bellingham m.c. Tommy Jordan has been in the rap game since he cut his first demos at 14. Now a father and a husband, his upcoming debut solo album "Ice Cream" features a brand new video for the song "Rosie". 

The video was shot by "Just Makes Cents" productions with additional footage shot by Dani Rose and edited by Jordan.

 Featured dancer Skai Johnson did the choreography and has an amazing presence break dancing before the fireplace at Mallards.

It also stars Jessica Tomlin. It contains roles by Nathan Johnston and Casey Andrews as well as Rose . The song contains a poem "Ownership" by S.C. Bostwick.

"It's a fictionalized realization that you are a piece of shit," Jordan confesses.

Tupac wrote about a "rose growing in the concrete."

In this time of "fake news" and "prefabricated" rappers it's sometimes hard to sift out the truth. The sad fact is the cars in the major videos are rented as are the houses and the gold.

"I'm an urban peasant, I am not the high king." are the opening lines of the song.

 It's a hip hop principal that you speak your truth, You represent your block and your street. It's my belief that hip hop can be universal. I was there when he did his first demo tape which I still have. I've seen him move from the rough blues rock of Black Tommy to the more refined Urban Fantasy. This is the next logical spot for Tommy.

The video is captivating, thought provoking and smart. 

Jordan's solo album is highly anticipated by underground hip hop heads and will be enjoyed by fans of acts like Run The Jewels, Raz Simone or  Doomtree.

Photographer: Anya Rick

Musician: Tommy Jordan

Place: Mallard Ice Cream